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Recipe 4 All: About Boning Fowl Recipe

About Boning Fowl

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It is difficult to bone a dressed fowl due to the way the cavity opening and neck are cut. To start, if necessary singe any pin feathers, cut off the feet and the first two joints of the wings. Cut off the head so that the neck is as long as possible and tie off the two tubes that come out of the craw to prevent leakage.

To avoid breaking the skin, keep the tip of the knife angled towards bird breast down on a cutting board. Make an incision the entire length of the spine through both skin and flesh. Using a short, sharp pointed knife follow the frame as closely as you can, pushing the skin and flesh back as you go.

Work the skin of the neck down; chop the neck off short being careful not to sever the craw tubes. Work towards the ball and socket joint of the shoulders, cutting them free and boning the shoulder blades. Pull the wing bones through from the inside bringing the skin with them. Bone the meat from the wings and reserve it. Then cut to the ball and socket joint of each leg and pull through the bones. Reserve the meat. Continue to work the meat free from each side of the body until the centre front of the breast bone is reached. You can now remove the entire skeleton [and its contents] all out in one piece. Any tears in the skin can be sewn up.

Your About Boning Fowl is ready. Bon appetit!

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