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Recipe 4 All: Almond-Snow Fruit Boats Recipe

Almond-Snow Fruit Boats

Yield: 10 Servings
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4  Apple; unpeeled, thin sliced
3  Banana; peeled, thin sliced
3  Pear; unpeeled, thin sliced
2  Pineapple; fresh (with tops)
2  Strawberry; halved, -tops
lb Grape; halved, seeded
1pt Kumquat
cups Whipping cream
cups Powdered sugar; sifted
4teaspoon Vanilla
¼teaspoon Almond extract
2qt Ice; finely crushed
¾cups Almonds; toasted & slivered
¾cups Fresh orange juice
¼cups Kirsch

Sprinkle bananas, apples and pears with fresh lemon juice. Cut pineapples in half. Using curved serrated knife, hollow out pineapple halves, leaving ½" shell (reserve shells and all juice). Discard core. Cut pineapple into ¼" cubes. Transfer to large bowl. Add sliced fruit* and toss lightly. Cover and refrigerate up to 2 hours. For ice cream: Blend cream, powdered sugar and extracts in large bowl. Gradually fold in ice (or fresh clean snow) until mixture is consistency of ice cream. Fold in nuts. Add reserved pineapple juice to fruit. Blend in orange juice and kirsch. Spoon fruit into pineapple shells. Top with ice cream. Serve immediately. *Can substitute any fresh seasonal fruit and combination of purple and green grapes and red and green apples.

Your Almond-Snow Fruit Boats is ready. Happy cooking!

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