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Recipe 4 All: Ardshane House Irish Stew Recipe

Ardshane House Irish Stew

Yield: 6 servings
4lb Middle neck of lamb, cut in
  One inch chunks
4lb Potatoes, peeled
10sm Onions, sliced
2oz Pearl barley
2pt Beef stock
  Salt and pepper to taste

"That's the basic recipe. You can add a load of sliced carrots and leeks to make it go further and about 5-6 tsps. of Worchestershire sauce or regular brown sauce wot you Yanks pour over everything!! If you like, you could add a half a pint of Guinness to your stock. I make my stock from the potato peelings, carrot tops, leek ends, and any other stuff I find lurking in the refrigerator. If you chuck in a few moldy lamb bones and boil/simmer for several hours, you should get a damned good stock (strain the liquid or you'll get God knows what stuck in your teeth!!) You'll need to start with about 5 pints of liquid. Then bung everything into a ginormous pan, bring to the boil, and then simmer for about two hours...should taste bloody orgasmic! Salt and pepper to taste, depending on your level of drunkeness!!"

From: Judith Caughey, Ardshane House, Holywood, Co. Down, N. Ireland 1992

Your Ardshane House Irish Stew is ready. Good luck!

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