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Recipe 4 All: Bagel Bread Recipe

Bagel Bread

Yield: 1 Loaf
  1 LB. LOAF
1cups Water
1tablespoon Vegetable oil
1tablespoon Sugar
teaspoon Salt
1teaspoon Poppy seeds
1teaspoon Sesame seeds
2cups Bread flour
teaspoon Yeast
3tablespoon Sauteed onions
  1½ LB. LOAF
cups Water
tablespoon Vegetable oil
tablespoon Sugar
2teaspoon Salt
teaspoon Poppy seeds
teaspoon Sesame seeds
3cups Bread flour
teaspoon Yeast
¼cups Sauteed onions

1993, ISBN #0-425-13733-3. least approximate the flavor of a chewy New York Bagel. Serve this one with smoked salmon and cream cheese for brunch if you cannot get good bagels nearby. Bake according to manufacturer's instructions, adding the onions during the raisin-bread cycle, or five minutes before the final kneading is finished...

Your Bagel Bread is ready. Happy cooking!

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