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Recipe 4 All: Bockwurst Recipe


Yield: 2 Pounds
2  Feet small (1½") hog or
lb Veal, cubed
¼lb Pork fat, cubed
¼cups Very finely minced onion
1cups Milk
1  Egg
¾teaspoon Ground cloves
½teaspoon White pepper
2teaspoon Finely choppped Italian
½teaspoon Salt, or to taste

Prepare casing as described in separate recipe. Grind the veal and pork fat separately through the fine disk of the grinder. Add the onion, milk, egg(well beaten), cloves, pepper, parsley, and salt to the meat and mix well. Put the mixture through the fine blade of the grinder. Stuff mixture into the casings and twist off into three to four inch links. The sausage may be refrigerated for two days or so or may be boiled for thirty minutes and eaten immediately.

Your Bockwurst is ready. Bon appetit!

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