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Recipe 4 All: Cheesy Vegetable Spread Recipe

Cheesy Vegetable Spread

Yield: 6 servings
1cups Shredded farmer cheese(4 oz)
3tablespoon Plain yogurt
1teaspoon Lemon juice
1teaspoon Soy sauce
¼cups Chopped apple
¼cups Chopped carrot
2tablespoon Finely chopped celery
2tablespoon Chopped pecans
2tablespoon Currants
1tablespoon Toasted wheat germ
½teaspoon Curry powder

In food processor, process cheese, yogurt, lemon juice, and soy sauce until smooth. Stir in remaining ingredients. Use as a spread on crackers, whole wheat bread, or pita crisps, or stuffed into pita pockets. Makes 1½ cups Variations: - substitute shredded Cheddar for the farmer cheese Spread may be made in advance, and refrigerated 3-4 days.

Your Cheesy Vegetable Spread is ready. Happy cooking!

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