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Recipe 4 All: Classic White Bread For Bread Machine Recipe

Classic White Bread For Bread Machine

Yield: 8 servings
Regular loaf
¾cups Water
2cups White bread flour
1tablespoon Dry milk
tablespoon Sugar
1teaspoon Salt
1tablespoon Butter
1teaspoon Fast rise yeast ***OR***
teaspoon Active dry yeast
1 1/8 c Water
3 c White bread flour
1½ tb Dry milk
2 tb Sugar
2 tb Salt
2 tb Butter
2 t Fast rise yeast
3 t Active dry yeast

This is a classic -- plain white bread, but a world away from store
bought. This loaf's light-bodied texture makes it the standard for
sandwich breads or the perfect accompaniement for meals. Bake it
while you're still deciding what's for dinner; like most classics,
it's versatility lies in its simplicity.
+++ 8 slices for regular, 12 slices for large loaf

This makes great low fat croutons. Lightly butter bread slices, cube, and bake at 350 degrees until crisp. This recipe can be made with the regular, rapid, or delayed time bake cycles. CALORIES: 171 PROTEIN: 12% CHOLESTEROL: 4.54mg CARBOHYDRATES: 77% SODIUM: 323 mg FAT: 11% PO Box 240888, Anchorage, Alaska 99524-0888

Your Classic White Bread For Bread Machine is ready. Good luck!

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