Recipe 4 All: Dishwater Punch Recipe — Every recipe in the World on this site.

Recipe 4 All: Dishwater Punch Recipe

Dishwater Punch

Yield: 50 servings
1can Pineapple juice
½qt Apple juice
1package Grape Koolaid
2package TuttiFruiti Koolaid
1package Tropical Punch Koolaid
package Strawberry Koolaid
11qt Water
1  Red food color

Make sure all koolaid is *pre-sweetened* 2 quart packages. Mix all dry mixes together. Add water and juices. stir well. Add food color until it looks drinkable. Without any food color, it should look like it's name. Depending on how sensitive your guests are, you may need LOTS of food color (we have used up to a whole BIG bottle).

Your Dishwater Punch is ready. Good luck!

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