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Recipe 4 All: Fresh Polish Kielbasa Recipe

Fresh Polish Kielbasa

Yield: 5 Pounds
6  Feet large hog casings
3lb Lean pork butt, cubed
1lb Lean beef chuck, cubed
½lb Veal, cubed
½lb Pork fat, cubed
teaspoon Salt, or to taste
3teaspoon Black pepper
2teaspoon Ground marjoram
2teaspoon Ground summer savory
½teaspoon Ground allspice
3cl Garlic, finely minced
2teaspoon Sweet paprika

Prepare the casings. Grind the meats and fat together through the coarse disk and mix with remaining ingredients. Stuff casings and twist off into links 18-24". Allow to dry in a cool place 3-4 hours or in the minutes or grill.

Your Fresh Polish Kielbasa is ready. Buon appetito!

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