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Recipe 4 All: Fried Ham with Red-Eyed Gravy Recipe

Fried Ham with Red-Eyed Gravy

Yield: 1 Recipe

Ham slices, like all other pork, should be fried well done, but never hard and dry. It is always well to serve tart appple sauce or fried apples with ham or pork of any kind. The tart in the apple kills the effect of the grease.

Red-eyed gravy is made with the pparticles that stick to the skiillet after ham is fried. Pour off the fat into a small bowl, add about 6 T. of water to the skillet and let this come to a boil. The red or dark substance will boil loose from the skiillet. Pour this into the fat and let set a few minutes. Dip to the bottom and put it over hot biscuits or any other kind of bread, and you have something goood. We kids of the hills call thes "red-eyed gravy" because of the red particles that rise with the fat.

Pinkley-Call, 1950

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