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Recipe 4 All: Justin Wilson's Pickled Spiced Beans Recipe

Justin Wilson's Pickled Spiced Beans

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I start with a 1 quart canning jar with a new lid and clean ring. I clean the jar and soak it in hot water to ensure that it is hot. I fill the jar with beans, standing them all on end. Once I have the amount of beans in the jar that I am going to can, I fill the jar with hot water, then carefully pour the water into a measuring cup. Remembering what the amount was that I poured out of the jar, I dump half of the water out and replace with the same amount of white vinegar (now have a half and half solution of water and vinegar). Pour the vinegar/water in a pan and bring to a boil. While the vinegar/water is heating up I peal the biggest clove of garlic I can get my hands on and split it in half and jam it in amongst the beans (sometimes I cheat and add 2). Next I add 1 teaspoon of fresh ground dried red pepper to the jar. Next, I add 1 tablespoon of pickling spice to the jar. Once the vinegar/water comes to a boil, pour it into the jar, hopefully I have measured right so that I now have left a ½" head space. Quickly put the lid on the jar and the ring and tighten. If done quickly enough, the jar will seal itself without canning. Put this jar in the pantry and try very hard to leave your hands off for at least two months. My sister says that these are great with Bloody Mary's. From: Jim Weller Date: 25 Feb 96

Your Justin Wilson's Pickled Spiced Beans is ready. Happy cooking!

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