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Recipe 4 All: Key Lime Pie Cyberealm Recipe

Key Lime Pie Cyberealm

Yield: 8 Servings
40  Vanilla wafers
1cups Slivered almonds
1/3cups Real butter, melted
6oz Cream cheese, softened
¼cups Real butter, softened
14oz Sweetened condensed milk
1/3cups Lime juice
(preferably from Key limes!)

1. Chop wafers & almonds together. Add melted butter & stir well then press into a pie plate or spring form pan, covering bottom & sides. Bake at 350F for 10 minutes or `til light brown. Cool. 2. Cream cream cheese & remaining butter together `til fluffy. Add sweetened condensed milk & lime juice. Mix well. 3. Pour into pie shell & cover with plastic wrap, refrigerate at least 4 hours preferably over night. 4. Garnish with whipped cream & lime wedges if desired and serve.


Your Key Lime Pie Cyberealm is ready. Good luck!

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