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Recipe 4 All: Pancetta Recipe


Yield: 1 servings
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Pancetta is bacon. But unlike bacon, pancetta is not smoked. It is cured in salt and spices, and aged a few months. Pancetta, which comes rolled up like a salami, is perhaps one of the most important Italian ingredients, since its flavor is essential to many dishes. Good pancetta should have approximately the same amount of lean and fat meat. Pancetta is still not imported from Italy. However, American-made pancetta can be extremely good and should be easily available in Italian markets and specialty stores. Because of its high fat content, sliced pancetta can be kept in the refrigerator several days longer than prosciutto—4 to 5 days would be safe.

From: Trattoria Cooking Charrin' off the Ol' Point..from the O :-)

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