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Recipe 4 All: Spaghetti Sauce Chicken (Family) Recipe

Spaghetti Sauce Chicken (Family)

Yield: 4 Servings
3lb Chicken, boneless; breasts
1lg Spanish or other sweet Onion
1md Green pepper
1can Spaghetti sauce with meat
  Salt & pepper to taste
¼teaspoon Each, basil, thyme, oregano
1teaspoon Sugar
8oz Macaroni, noodles, OR

Rinse chicken, dry with paper towels. Cut breasts in half. Peel and slice onion in ¼" slices, cut each slice in half, and separate rings. Cut largest rings in half again. Slice top off pepper, remove center of top and discard. Remove white ribs and seeds from pepper, cut pepper in thin slices. Place ½ vegetables on bottom of crockpot, layer on chicken, sprinkle with seasonings. Add remainder of vegetables and top with spaghetti sauce, stir. Refrigerate overnight, cook on LOW setting the following day, for 8 to 9 hours, until vegetables are done and chicken is tender. Cook 8 oz. large macaroni, noodles, or spaghetti until tender. Serve chicken and vegetables over pasta. Refrigerate leftovers in a covered bowl, and reheat in microwave at 50% power, or freeze in portions for later use.

Your Spaghetti Sauce Chicken (Family) is ready. Good luck!

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