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Recipe 4 All: Vegetable Stock (Reference) Recipe

Vegetable Stock (Reference)

Yield: 1 Servings
4  Vegetable Stocks Described:

Pritikin Vegetable Broth is canned and ff. It has 290 mg sodium per serving (about 1 cup). Though that isn't great, the label says it is 65% less sodium than Swanson canned veggie broth. I haven't tried it yet.

Hain makes a canned vegetable stock that is good, but it isn't clear so it isn't too good for clear soups or gravies. It's basically pureed veggies. It has the texture of v8 juice and the color of carrot juice.

Vecon is a stock base that comes in a jar. It's imported from England. It's pretty good. (Thanks to Michael Traub for pointing me to it.) ½ tsp makes 1 cup of broth and has 40mg of fat (i.e. .040 first ingredient is hydrolyzed vegetable protein, which I think some

Gayelord Hauser's Instant Vegetable Broth is a powder. It contains yeast, soy flour, hydrolized vegetable protein, and a bunch of ground up dehydrated vegetables. Vegetables that are dehydrated, ground, then reconstituted in boiling water taste a lot different from vegetable stock that is dehydrated. I think this stuff is rather bland, but it might be ok for cooking. It doesn't give nutritional info on the box, but based on the ingredients (no added salt or fat) it should be pretty good.

There's a brand of stock called "Take Stock" that comes frozen in 8-oz containers. They have a veggie stock that I think is ff that I only have tried once. The stuff I made from it was awful, through no fault of the stock, but that means I don't know if the stock is good on its own. Don't know about sodium.

Fatfree Digest [Volume 13 Issue 9] Dec. 9, 1994.


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